Outdoor Distribution Boxes

Technical Specifications

1) Material:
KEPKEP Outdoor distribution boxes are made of (UL 94 V-O) flame retardant, Shock proof, UV stabilized, 10% Glass fibre reinforced Light grey (RAL 7035) colour, polycarbonate plastic material.

2) Temperature Range:
The plastic materials used for these outdoor distribution boxes are suitable for all weather conditions between ( -40°C to + 60°C / -40F to 140F )with relative humidity up to 99%.

3) Construction Features:
A) Body: The body part of KEPKEP Outdoor boxes are specially rein­forced by a stainless steel earth plate for serving as earth plate for elect­ric and reinforcement for mechanical strength.

All mounted parts (Backmount frame or Modules) are in electrical connec­tion with this plate which is carted easily from an outer hook, directly to the ground.

Fixing holes are conveniently spaced for easy installation of KEPKEP Backmount frames.
A special metallic cable clamp provides the contact of incoming cable insulation to the master earth plate to complete the grounding of incoming cable as well.

The body part contains a seal on the circumference and around incoming and outgoing cables assuring a complete seal against all atmospheric agents.

B) Cover: The cover part is hinged to the bottom part by two hinges on the back side providing the self locking of cover in open position.

A rib on the inside circumference helps the sealing by pressing on the se­al ring of the body part.
Cover part has an empty frame on the face, for marking the necessary Network related informations.
The cover can be locked and released by easy motion of the two side clamps.

C) Capacity: KEPKEP Outdoor distribution boxes can carry up to 20 pair connections.

-1 unit Kepkep VDL 02 or up to 2 unit Kepkep KCM 01 or KDM 02 Module.

Packing information:
One unit packing is composed of 1 pcs.
Min. shipping quantity: 1 pcs.
One unit packing dimensions: 227 x 112 x 115 mm
One unit weight: 0,560 kg.


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