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Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Box DFK 24

The body of the unit is made of special compound copolymer polypropylene with necessary additives such as glass fiber, UV resistance, antistatic etc.

Splice trays are custom designed to easy 24 splices each. Consequently the max core carrying capacity io 288 cores.

There is large storage area behind the main support beam.

Hand locked circular clamp & a special seal ring is made to ensure the seal of the box against water or other liquid contaminants.

A main earth plate is connected to the metal protection of cables to provide easy discharge, in case of electric shock.

The necessary accessories are supplied for easy performance of the skilled operator, to seal the incoming & outgoing cables with heat shrinking tubes.

The shrink tubes are coated with hot melt glue on the innerwall, to ensure a good adhesion with the box body and cable outer diameter.

The main frame can carry: 24 splice trays for 288 core connections.

Dimensions: L x W x H : 540 mm x 210 mm x 230 mm

Weight: 3.500 Kg

Dimensions (LxWxH) 540 x 210 x 230 mm
Weight 3,5 kg
Cable Entry
Single / Oval Single: 1(Ø30)+3(Ø27) Oval: 1
Fiber Splice
Splice Capacity Per Tray 12 C
Max. No. of Splice Tray 24
Max. Capacity 288 C
Splicing Method Fusion
Cable Blocking Heat Shrinkable Tube
Body Material Polypropylene
Installation Type Aerial / Pole / Underground / Direct Buried