ADSL POTS Splitter Unit designed by Kepkep Company. ADSL POTS splitter is implemented with the Voice Band Passing LOW pass filter to stabile separate voice signal from the composite band Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) data and voice. ADSL POTS Splitter protects POTS from interference signal, which is caused by ATU-R Modem and protects ATU-R Modem from signals related POTS. The Splitter should keep stable features with DC loop current 100 mA and keep balance itself in case of Ring tone.

The filter should be consisted of two level of low pass filter, which should be passive structure.

Insertion Loss
The insertion loss at 1KHz of the single low–pass filter, between the LINE and POTS interface attenuation maintain less than 0.3 dB, when the interfaces are terminated with the network of which fulfills the ITU-T G992.1 recommendation clause E.1.3

Insertion Frequency Distortion
The frequency distortion between LINE and POTS interface, relative to 1KHz, keep within ±1 dB over the frequency range from 200Hz to 4KHz. This fulfills the ITU-T G992.1 recommendation clause E.1.4.

Return Loss
The return loss of the POTS and LINE interface, measured against the impedance of the network with the opposite interface terminated with the same network, as follows:

200 Hz to 300 Hz with 600 Ohms >12 dB

300 Hz to 500 Hz with 600 Ohms >14 dB

500 Hz to 2000 Hz with 600 Ohms >18 dB

2000 Hz to 3400 Hz with 600 Ohms >14 dB

3400 Hz to 4000 Hz with 600 Ohms >12 dB

This fulfills the ITU-T G992.1 recommendation clause E.1.2.

Stop Band Attenuation
When measured between 100 Ohms termination and with the normal High–pass filter load, the stop band attenuation of the filter is higher than 50 dB between 32 KHz to 100 KHz.

The DC resistance observed at the POTS interface does not exceed 50 Ohms when a short circuit is applied across the LINE interface, and shall not be less than 1 MOhms in the open circuit condition. This fulfills the ITUT G992.1 recommendation clause E.1.5.

Environmental Conditions
Operating temperature: -20º C / +55º C

Operating humidity: % 90 RH

Electrical Safety
There is no lightning and high voltage protection both at the input side of the Splitter and at the output side of the Splitter. Anyway, existing structure of Main Distribution Room (MDF) has its own protection against transient’s surges and discharges are being provided by the line circuit protection network. The Splitter contains no specific circuitry for this purpose.

Device storage temperature should be within the range - 45º C / + 70º C.

Mechanical Layout
The dimensions of Splitter itself are suitable to be able to be installed easily on the layout of ADSL Sub-rack.


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